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We offer, wide range insulated Ice Boxes are best suited for preserving hot food hot and cold stuff cold hygienically for longer duration. Our Insulated Ice Boxes have multifarious usage & application. Some of the industries that we cater to; Ice Cream manufacturers, Ice Cube manufactures, Milk Dairies, Cold chain & Soft drink distributors, Canteens, Cafeteria, Shopping malls, Wedding halls, Caterers, Event Organizers, Hotels, Bars, Pubs, Discotheques, Hospitals, Blood banks, Pathological labs, Vaccine & Serum manufacturers, Street vendors like pan shops & Sweet shops, Dressed chicken & ready to eat meat suppliers, Fishermen, Fishing boat trawlers and Fish processing units.

We have wide range(i.e. 25 ltr., 50 ltr., 150 ltr., & 220 ltr.) Insulated Ice Boxes & 20 ltr. And 50 ltr. Economy Insulated Ice Boxes. Also refer separate catalogue for our Roto Moulded Insulated Ice Boxes & Tubs (shippers) for 310 ltr., 460 ltr., 660 ltr. & 1000 ltr. Capacities.

We also offer other equipment like Icing Nozzles, Cake Molds & Chocolate Molds etc.